Pemac Projects Pvt Ltd

Project Engineering Management And  Consultancy PEMAC is one of the fastest growing project engineering company. 

Your Reliable EPC Project Partner…!!!

PEMAC is one of the leading engineers, designers, manufacturers & suppliers of Oil Extraction, Edible Oil Refinery, Oleochemicals & Feed plants in India & Abroad. Serving more than 20 countries around the world.

We also offer Effluent Water Treatment Plants, Zero Liquid Discharge Systems, Soap Stock Splitting Plants, Pilot Plants & Filtration Equipment’s for related Industry. PEMAC is unique in category because we take off turnkey projects with Engineering, Fabrication, Construction & Consultancy. 




To become a world class INDIAN MNC Company in Project Engineering  to deliver latest, Innovative and most economical services to oils and fats industry.


Oil Mill, Crushing, Seed preparation plants for soybeans, Sunflower, Cotton seed, Shea nut, Canola, Sesame, Mustard, rape seed, Groundnut, castor, palm fruit, palm kernerl, expellers, screw press, Multipurpose oil extraction plants & machineries, continuous solvent extraction plants, Soybean, Rice bran & Cakes with high protein preparatory, Multipurpose vegetable, Cooking ,Edible oil, Physical refinery plants & machineries, Water/Acid/Enzymatic De-Gumming, Chemical Refinery, Neutralizing, Bleaching, Deodorizing, Fat Modification, Dry fractionation plants for palm oils, shea butter fractionation, Dewaxing/winterization plants for sunflower & cotton seed oils, Inter-esterification vanaspati, Hydrogenation plants & Machineries, Bakery shortening, Margarine plants & Machineries, Lecithine plants, Oleochemicals, fatty, Glycerine, Ethanol splitting & fractional distillation, Fatty Alcohole, Glycerolysis, Glecerine Recovery, Glycerine Refining, soap stock splitting, acid oil plants & machineries, Biodiesel plants, Ethanol Plants (Distilleries), Effluent, waste water treatment plants, ZLD zero liquid discharge, Lube, used, waste oil purification plants & machineries, Cattle, Poultry, Animal feed plants & machineries, Filtration Equipments, Horizontal, Vertical pressure leaf filter, Micro polish filter, MCT extraction from coconut oils and palm kernerl oils, Wax mechanical/solvent extraction plants, Spent earth oil extraction plants, Tocotrienol, Tocopherol extraction

If you have any queries or need more information about Edible oil refinery plants, solvent extraction plants or oil expeller plants feel free to contact us.