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Oil Mill Plant : -

The installation of an oil mill plant refers to the complete set of equipment and machinery used in the production of oil. PEMAC manufactures oil milling plants with the highest possible oil output. Our oil mill plant is extremely adaptable, allowing us to meet all of your oil milling requirements. A typical oil mill plant is divided into four sections: seed preparation, seed cleaning, oil extraction, and oil filtering. Each section is significant in its own right, and they all work together to form the entire oil mill plant. Our entire line of oil mill machines is technologically advanced and built with high-quality raw materials. They are the most efficient, dependable, cost-effective, and durable. Our PEMAC Oil Milling PLANT is capable of crushing a wide range of oil seeds, including sunflower seed, soya seed, groundnut, cottonseed, castor seed, mustard seed, sesame seed, palm seed, rice seed, and so on.

PEMAC Specially design expellers installed for processing, Mustard Seed/Cotton Seed/ Ground Nut Seed/Gingelly Seed, And other various oil seeds.

Special features :

  • Two/Three Chamber Design Pre-Pressing & Full pressing in single stage crushing for better oil recovery & profitable operation.
  • Rigid main frame to withstand heavy operating load for crushing job.
  • It can crush all kinds of oil seeds.

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