Pemac Projects Pvt Ltd


The hydrogenation process can be performed before or after splitting. Hydrogenation is the reaction between hydrogen and the ethylenic double bond of an unsaturated fat in the presence of a catalyst. The saturated (hydrogenated) fat obtained is characterized by better stability properties and higher melting point. The typical hydrogenation process is carried out at a temperature between 160-250ºc and hydrogen pressure of 10-25 bar with the presence of a finely divided nickel catalyst supported.

The salient features of PEMAC’S HYDROGENATION PLANTS are:

1. Increased heat exchange

2. Maintenance of temperature

3. Low contaminant ratio

4. Efficient operation

5. Low running and Maintenance costs leading to increase in productivity and efficiency

6. Low setup cost

7. Maintenance free main reaction vessel (Hydrogenation or Autoclave)