Pemac Projects Pvt Ltd

MCT Extraction from Coconut & Palm Kernel Oils

Triglycerides are medium-length chains of fat that contain in medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are easier for the body to metabolize quickly, meaning they are less likely to be stored as fat. MCTs, can travel immediately to the liver after they are consumed to be used as instant energy. MCTs can also be converted into ketones, which can replace glucose as an energy source in the brain by moving from the blood to the brain.

Normally Coconut oil content Medium chain triglycerides, mainly caprylic & Capric fatty acid 15% and 10% respectively, these fatty acids are attached in triglycerides at different position with other fatty acids such as lauric fatty acid, myristic fatty acids and others.

For Separation and purification of Caprylic and capric fatty acid. Pemac Project has developed process where Coconut oil is gone through below section:

1. Hydrolysis section with sweet water evaporation section – In this section, in this section, hydrolysis reaction of oil is carried out. Triglycerides react with water & catalyst to convert oil into fatty acids and glycerol which is distilled & reused.

2. Fatty acid Distillation section – The fatty acid produced are Distilled to remove low and high boiling impurities as well as odor bodies.

3. Fatty acid Purification section – In this section, Medium chain fatty acids are separated from other fatty acids using fractional distillation.

4. Glycerosis section for MCT – This process converts Medium chain Fatty acids to MCT oil by Adding Glycerol.

5. Glycerosis section for Lauric & other fatty acid – This process converts FFA back to their respective glyceride molecules using glycerol.

6. Bleaching & Deodorization section for Coconut oil – To enhance to color & to remove the contaminants.

Deodorization Section for MCT oil – In this section, odoriferous matter, free fatty acids and other unwanted components from the MCT oil is removed.

MCT oils have unique benefits:

*  MCT oil has the potential for assisting weight loss.

* MCT oil might be a useful source of energy.

* MCT could reduce lactate build-up in athletes and help use fat for energy.

* MCT may be able to assist treat autism, Alzheimer’s, and epilepsy.

* MCT contains fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial growth.

* MCT has the potential to lower heart disease risk factors.

* MCT may assist in controlling blood sugar levels.

* MCT Oils in Beauty Products, MCT oil are perfect for those with sensitive skin because MCT is colourless, odourless and not harsh on the skin. MCT does not clog pores, which makes it helpful in massage oils as well.

* MCT oil has multiple applications such as hair conditioner, makeup remover, and lip balm. It keeps fungal problems in the nails at bay and hydrates the cuticles of nails.