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Tocotrienols are naturally occurring chemicals that belong to the vitamin E family and are present in many vegetable oils. Main source of Tocotrienols are Rice bran oil & palm oil.

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that the body cannot generate on its own; it must come from food. Other than rice grains and annatto seed, palm fruit is one of the richest sources of tocopherols and tocotrienols. Of all the vegetable oils, palm fruit has the highest concentration of tocotrienols. Tocotrienols make up almost 70 % of vitamin E in palm oil, with the remaining 30 % being tocopherols.

Vitamin E has been extracted using a variety of techniques, including:

1. Solvent Extraction

2. Enzymatic Method

3. Method (Saponification, Esterification)

4. Adsorption

5. Molecular Distillation

6. Membrane Technology

There are numerous methods for extracting vitamin E from oils. However, the weaknesses of each approach have not totally alleviated the issues encountered throughout the extraction process.

Pemac process targets rapid process with high vitamin E recovery. With reduction in the process’s cost, which includes both the investment and operational costs.