Continuous Solvent Extraction Plant

Preparatory Section




Preparation is the process of properly preparing seeds for extraction of oil either by solvent or mechanical method. While a particular seed may contain from 20%-50% oil, the oil is tightly bound within the cell & mechanical action must be taken to either forcefully remove the oil or to make oil accessible to subsequent, solvent extraction. The unit operations typically involved are scaling, cleaning, cracking, conditioning (or cooking) & flaking/pelleting. Depending on process & oilseed in question, process drying and hulling may be employed, as may expander and collect dryer/coolers.











Extraction Plant                                                


The main objective of the extraction process is to reduce oil contain in oilseed to the minimum possible level. The chain conveyor from preparatory transfer the prepared material to the rotary airlock feeder, which further drops it to the feeding hopper. Rotary airlock feeder ensures the effective vapor sealing & also regulates the feed. Hopper is provided with the special flame proof level switches for the indication of high and low level. So as to enable to generate audio signal in the situation of high level, for preparatory operator to take corrective actions.

PEMAC’s Extractor is a M.S. or S.S. Construction rectangular vessel, installed horizontally. Pretreated material from preparatory moves on the specially designed articulated band conveyor speed is adjusted according to the process demand. Band conveyor insures the continuous travelling of the feed material from feed end to the final end with determined speed, pre-calculated bed height of and under the continuous solvent spray. Bed height of the feed material on band conveyor cleaning is accomplished by height pressure jet spray of fresh h solvent on to the return of band conveyor at discharge end which ensures perfect cleaning of mesh and completely eliminates the possibilities of mesh choking & channeling.

PEMAC’s specially designed spray breakers ensure the uniform distribution of solvent over the entire width of moving bed. Fresh solvent is admitted into the extractor near the discharge end of the material and the full miscella is recovered from the lineal stage, thus ensures the perfect counter current flow of the material and the solvent. The miscella circulates in a closed circuit in each hopper. So, in each section there is corresponding section and the difference in oil content of solvent overflowing the preceding hopper together with the solvent overflowing the following section.



Solvent Distillation Process

Special Features of PEMCA Economizers

1. Reduce the steam consumption

2. Increases the capacity of distillation section

3. Increases the capacity of condensing section.

The miscella from the tank is pumped through the vapor’s economizer, to the first evaporator. The economizer unit is specially designed in order to effectively utilize the heat of vapors emerging from the desolventizer toaster. The concentrated miscella thus obtained from the economizer unit is rapidly heated in the first evaporator by means of low-pressure steam and enters into the flasher, where solvent vapors are flashed off. The oil rich miscella thus obtained is charged into the second evaporator & stripper. The flashed of solvent vapors are condensed into the condensers & liquid solvent is re-circulated back to the process through solvent water separator. Distillation system operates under high vacuum ensures good quality of oil. Furthermore, the distillation system is coupled with a final drying of oil in final oil heater, which results in production of oil with exceptionally low volatiles in it.


Conditioning Section


PEMAC offers latest & most efficient meal conditioning plants. The extracted meal from extraction plant travels to the meal conditioning plant through outgoing conveyor. The meal emerging from dryer & toaster is hot about 100 deg. Outgoing conveyor is ventilated conveyor to acquire maximum possible natural cooling. Further it will be cooled down, humidify & bagged in conditioning section. Meal cooler is horizontal equipment fully equipped with radiators, blowers, cyclones etc. It works on counter current cooling principle where atmospheric cooled air counter hot meal on cooler bed and exits through cyclone. Farther this meal carries to humidifier to add & thoroughly mixed moisture in it, before it bagged in automatic bagging machine.