Oil Mill Section



PEMAC Specially design expellers installed for processing, Mustard Seed/Cotton Seed/ Ground Nut Seed/Gingelly Seed, And other various oil seeds.

Special features

  •   Two/Three Chamber Design Pre-Pressing & Full pressing in single stage crushing for better oil recovery & profitable operation.

  •   Rigid main frame to withstand heavy operating load for crushing job.

  •   It can crush all kinds of oil seeds.


Cooker Steam jacked horizontal/vertical multistage cooker mounted on the main expeller body. Gear box Heavy duty double reduction gear box assembly precision work-man ship and fitted with heavy duty taper roller bearing to with stand radial axial loads for crushing. Main shaft unique hollow drive sleeve arrangement to allow the main worm shaft to remove at ease without affecting the gear box assembly. Also, Provision for water cooling arrangement for better quality oil and cake. Alloy Steel main shaft, worms and cage bars are made from Special steel material with proper hardening to withstand operating pressure and long life. Electric Motor Expeller drive with heavy duty electric motor with special starter-slowly start up with reversible switch Panel Board, low wear and tear, easy restart in case of power failure. [There is also a specially designed expeller within the mill for crushing mustard seeds. These expellers are equipped with Chilling systems in order to get high grade pungent oil.] PEMAC ALSO PROVIDE Specially designed multistage cooker mounted or Main expeller body.]








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