Seed Processing Machines

Cotton Ginning: -

PEMAC Offers an Original Design Slow Speed Saw Gin Machine having 90 Saws& 120 Saws depending up on the capacity required. The Saw Gin Machine has in built on the top Pre-cleaner/Opening having Six Spike drums For better Cleaning of Seed Cotton below feeding to machine. Also, it will have feeder with variable frequency drive control feed rate In the machine depending up on the moisture contained in the soot Cotton.


SAW Ginning Equipment’s:

1]  Seed cotton suction system:

Seed cotton suction system installed Outside Plant room collection from platforms & feeding to the plant Room.


2] Air Separator:

Air Separator is equipped with vacuum Wheel with revolving perforated sawn & Connected to the Suction fan.


3] Opener with Sawgin:

PEMAC Sawing’s equipped with 90 & 120 Saws of 12’’ Día & ribs fitted with carbide tip at Ginning point for longer life. Seed Cotton After cleaning in opener passes through Saw Cylinder separating white lint 7 cottonseed.


4] Condenser:

Condenser having maximum, exposed drum area In Gases Dust removal & minimize pressure lass. It exposes lint to 90% of the condenser sawn.


5] Cotton Pre-cleaner:

Cotton pre-cleaner mainly used for removing the leaf, Trash, Sand dust, Sticks & green bolls from the seed Cotton & improving the quality of lint. Seed Cotton flows feely and gently through the machines Becoming embedded in the good quality lint.


Seed Cleaning

Types of seed cleaner:

It is Process of Cleaning or Separation of seed from any  Foreign particles.

1] Four tray seed Cleaner:-

The four tray seed Cleaner, the main Peart of seed Cleaning equipment, is steady steel fabrication Machine having four gray reciprocating motion through Eccentric Shaft assembly unit. All steel feeder with volume Control feeding by worm gear motor connected to variable Frequency drive control panel for feed regulate.