Pilot Plants


Less civil work

Easy maintenance

Simple operation

Silent features for PEMAC Pilot projects & small capacities commercial projects

Small capacities commercial projects-500-kgs-10 TPD

Pilot projects-50kgs-500kgs


On basic of practical experience, PEMAC successfully design & executes all capacities of pilot plants for solvent Extraction & Vegetable/cooking oil plants.

Convenient shifting

Minimum capital investment

Less manpower

Less power consumption

Compact design

Market standard product quality

Basic needs of small capacities commercial plants in rural areas

Best quality natural product will be available for consumers

Right price for the raw material

Nullifies the chances of mixing in raw as well as final product

Employment growth

Saves transport

Best utilization of byproducts,

Best profit margin for processors

Best purchasing cost for consumers, as it avoids unnecessary packing expenses







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