PEMAC is engaged in design, manufacturing and supplying of high-quality process reactors. Reactors, unlike mixing vessels are totally sealed & designed to disperse two or more processed materials together. Reactors on other hand, allows the processed materials inside to go through a reactor a reactors phase which ultimately produces new and different product proper’s. Design of a process reactor deals with multiple aspects of process engineering. Process engineer design the reactors to maximize net present value for the given reactor. Designer ensures that the reactor proceeds with the highest efficiency towards the desired output products, producing the highest yield of product while requiring the least amount energy to operate.

The industrial reactors that we make are highly known for their efficiency. The product that ae make are used in a variety of industries be it chemical industries or food industries or any other. Our clients have appreciated our reactors for their durability and long-life service as we use only the best quality material like stainless steel such as SS 304, SS 316 and so the finished product is always of good quality.      

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