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Preparatory Section​


Unleash the full potential of your solvent extraction plant with our industry-leading Preparatory Sections. This crucial stage sets the foundation for efficient oil extraction, significantly impacting your overall yield and profitability.

From Seed to Optimal Preparation:

Our Preparatory Sections offer a comprehensive suite of equipment, including:

  • Seed Cleaners: Remove impurities like dirt, dust, and debris to ensure high-quality processing.
  • Dehulling Equipment: Separate hulls from oilseeds, like soybeans or sunflower seeds, for improved oil accessibility.
  • Flaking Mills: Transform seeds into thin flakes, maximizing surface area for optimal solvent contact and extraction efficiency.
  • Expander Machines: Pre-treat seeds through controlled pressure and heat, enhancing oil accessibility and further improving yield.

Conditioners: Adjust moisture content and optimize seed temperature for efficient solvent extraction.


Experience the Benefits:

Increased Oil Yield: Achieve maximum oil extraction from your raw materials with our expertly designed Preparatory Sections.

Improved Extraction Efficiency: Our equipment optimizes pre-treatment processes, maximizing solvent effectiveness and minimizing waste.

Customized Preparatory Sections: We understand your needs are unique. We offer customizable solutions to address your specific seed type, processing requirements, and desired output.

Engineered for Success:

Each component within our Preparatory Sections is:

  • Durable: Built to withstand the demands of continuous operation, minimizing downtime and maintenance needs.
  • Efficient: Optimized for energy savings and maximum throughput, contributing to your overall operational cost reduction.
  • Precise: Our equipment ensures consistent and controlled processing for consistent oil quality and optimal results.
The Best Preparatory Section for Your Solvent Extraction Plant:

Selecting the ideal Preparatory Section configuration requires careful consideration of your specific needs. Our team of experts will guide you through every step, analyzing factors such as:

  • Seed Type: Different seeds require specific pre-treatment processes. We offer customized solutions for diverse oilseeds.
  • Desired Oil Yield: Our equipment can be tailored to maximize your oil extraction based on your target output goals.
  • Production Capacity: Whether you operate a large-scale or small-batch production line, we have Preparatory Sections to match your needs.

Beyond Equipment:

We are committed to your long-term success. Our services go beyond just supplying equipment and include:

  • Integration & Installation: We ensure seamless integration of your Preparatory Section into your existing solvent extraction plant.
  • Ongoing Support: Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support throughout your equipment’s life cycle.


Invest in a high-performing Preparatory Section and unlock peak performance in your solvent extraction process.