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PEMAC offers a wide range of batch & continuous De-Waxing/Winterization Plants.

Most of the natural oils & fats have only a limited application in their original forms as a consequence of them specific chemical composition. In order to widen there uses the oils goes through variety of modifications, Fractionation is one of them.

Fractionation is the fully reversible modification process. It is basically a thermo-chemical separation process in which a multi-components mixture is physically separated in to two or more fractions with distinct physical & chemical properties. The can be based on a difference in solidification, solubility, or volatility of different compounds.

PEMAC’s De-Waxing plant is a custom design to allow you to achieve selective crystallization of different triglycerides in edible oil. This is plant you can count on producing stable & filterable crystals giving you a product to fit your standards and quality requirements.

Special features :

PEMAC’s system is designed to process Bleached Rice Bran oil. The process is divided in few steps as be.

  • Feed oil heating
  • Crystal formation under controlled cooling
  • Crystal growth
  • Crystal maturation
  • Filtration

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