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Fat Distillation/ fractional

Removal of low & High Boiling Components from Fatty Acids.



Distillation Process makes Use of the difference in boiling points between the desired fatty acids and the impurities, to effect of separation to these components. Crude fatty acids produced from fats splitting process are purified by distillation, and can be separated further into individual fatty acid by fractional distillation. Fatty acid distillation carried out under reduced pressure (vacuum) and lowest possible temperature to ensure product stability. in the distillation, the fatty acids are vaporized and then condensed, leaving the high-boiling impurities (residue) in the distillation still. The condensed fatty acids distillate is known as “whole out” because fatty acids regardless of the chain lengths present in the feedstock will be condensed and collected as fatty acid distillate.

Sweet water concentration is carried out after the Purification process. A pump moves the water from the purification chamber to the concentration chamber. The glycerin water is passed through a feed heater and further on to the 1st effect Evaporator. The temperature is increased to around 130 degree Celsius in the 1st effect evaporator with steam at about 8-10 bar. The moisture is then removed and the sweet water is returned to the 1st effect evaporator for heating.

There on the sweet water is passed to the 2nd and 3rd evaporators sequentially where the temperatures are maintained at 80 and 50 degrees Celsius respectively. The condensate is collected in the condensate receiver and is reused as process water for the splitting tower.