Pemac Projects Pvt Ltd

Lecithin Plant


Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturer or just starting out, Pemac offer customizable solutions to unlock the full potential of your oilseeds.

From Lecithin Production Plant to Processing Powerhouse:

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Lecithin processing plants: Tailored to your specific oilseed type and desired output, ensuring high-purity lecithin production.
  • Lecithin extraction equipment: Featuring advanced degumming, filtration, and drying technologies for efficient lecithin processing.
  • Turnkey lecithin plant solutions: Streamline your operations with pre-engineered plants, minimizing setup time and maximizing efficiency.

Unwavering Quality and Efficiency:

  • High-purity lecithin production: Our plants meet the most stringent quality standards, delivering exceptional lecithin for diverse applications.
  • Efficient lecithin processing: Optimized workflows and energy-saving technologies minimize operating costs and maximize yield.
  • Low-maintenance lecithin plant: Durable construction and intelligent design ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime.

Expertly Crafted Solutions:

  • Degumming: Precisely remove gums and impurities for pure lecithin extraction.
  • Drying: Gentle and efficient drying methods preserve the integrity of the lecithin.
  • Bleaching: Achieve the desired color profile for your specific needs.
  • Deodorization: Eliminate unwanted odors for a neutral-tasting lecithin.
  • Lecithin fractionation: Separate specific phospholipids for targeted applications.


Beyond Equipment

We understand that your success depends on more than just equipment. Our team offers:

  • Comprehensive consultation: We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and recommend the perfect solution.
  • Expert installation and commissioning: Ensure a seamless start-up and optimize your plant’s performance.
  • Reliable after-sales support: Our dedicated team is always available to provide ongoing support and maintenance.