Pemac Projects Pvt Ltd

Dewaxing/ Winterization Section

De-Waxing is the process to cool the oil at temperature, at which wax converts in solid form (actually in slurry form) but oil remains in liquid form as it is. For this oil is cooled slowly and step by step, with cold water and then chilled water. The bleached oil from BOT is pumped continuously with stream of flow to the series of crystallizers, where oil is cooled slowly and steadily in counter current manner, so as to crystallized the wax for the purpose of easy filtration after this oil is carried to the maturater. Which is again in series to the crystallizers, here oil will maturate in terms of temperature it will be increased or decreased as per requirement to assure the crystal formation of wax. Finally this oil is filtered by the Horizontal Pp/CI Filter presses/Horizontal pressure leaf filter.