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Continuous Degumming / Alkali Refining Section


At Pemac Project, we specialize in edible oil refining techniques that ensure the highest quality output, whether it’s for batch or continuous refineries. Our approach remains consistent, focusing on precision and efficiency to deliver superior results in every processing cycle.

Continuous Refining Excellence

In our continuous refining process, crude oil undergoes a seamless transformation, propelled by a constant stream of flow. This uninterrupted flow allows for a steady integration of essential utilities and chemicals at precisely measured intervals. The result is a refined product that meets the strictest quality standards, ideal for various industrial applications including vegetable oil refining.

Key Stages of Refining

Our refining process comprises several essential stages, each meticulously designed to eliminate impurities and enhance the purity of the final product:

Neutralizing: Crude oil obtained from expellers or Solvent Extraction Plants often contains unwanted impurities such as mucilage, gums, and unfiltered proteinases from the seed. Through our neutralizing stage, we effectively remove these impurities, ensuring a clean and pristine oil base. Our process includes water degumming, acid degumming, and enzymatic degumming for optimal results.

Bleaching: To further enhance the quality of the oil, our bleaching stage targets any remaining color pigments and contaminants. This crucial step results in a clearer, more refined oil ready for subsequent processing and improved oil color.

In this stage, we address the issue of waxes present in the crude oil, which can impact the oil’s texture and consistency. Our dewaxing process ensures the removal of these waxes, resulting in a smoother, more desirable end product.

Deodorizing: Finally, our deodorizing stage focuses on eliminating any remaining odors and undesirable flavors from the oil. Through advanced techniques, we refine the oil to achieve optimal taste neutrality and aroma, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-quality edible oil.

Quality Assurance

At Pemac Project, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Our team of experts employs stringent quality control measures at every stage of the refining process to guarantee consistency and excellence in every batch. We are committed to delivering refined products that exceed expectations and empower our clients to succeed in their respective industries.

Experience the Pemac Project Difference

Partner with Pemac Project for all your edible oil processing needs and experience the difference our expertise can make. With a proven track record of delivering superior results, we are your trusted ally in achieving excellence in refining. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discover how we can elevate your refining processes to new heights of success. As leading degumming & neutralization plant manufacturers, we ensure oil quality improvement through effective gums removal and free fatty acid removal techniques.