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Meal Conditioning / DOC

Maximize the potential of your de-oiled cake (DOC) with Pemac’s cutting-edge Meal Conditioning Plants! Seamlessly integrated with our solvent extraction systems, these solutions efficiently process hot, extracted meal into a high-quality, usable product.

From Scorching to Ready:

The extracted meal leaving the dryer and toaster in the solvent extraction process reaches the Meal Conditioning Plant at a scorching temperature (around 100°C).

To ensure optimal handling and downstream processing, our systems provide a multi-stage approach:

Natural Cooling: An outgoing ventilated conveyor utilizes ambient air for the initial cooling phase.

Precise Counter-Current Cooling: The meal then enters a horizontal meal cooler equipped with radiators, blowers, and cyclones. This advanced system employs the counter-current cooling principle, where cooled air flows in the opposite direction of the hot meal, achieving efficient temperature reduction.

Controlled Humidification: Following cooling in the meal cooler, the DOC is precisely rehydrated in a humidifier. This ensures optimal moisture content for proper handling and storage.

Automated Bagging: Finally, the conditioned DOC is automatically bagged using an automatic bagging machine, ensuring hygienic and efficient packaging for further processing or storage.

meal condoning
Meal Cooler
Meal Cooler

Benefits Beyond Efficiency:

Pemac’s Meal Conditioning solutions go beyond simply processing DOC. They offer a range of advantages:

  • Enhanced DOC Quality: Consistent cooling with the meal cooler and controlled rehydration in the humidifier create a high-quality, consistent DOC product suitable for diverse applications.
  • Maximized Profitability: Extract more value from your solvent extraction process by transforming DOC into a valuable commodity.
  • Streamlined Operations: Our automated systems, including the automatic bagging machine, minimize downtime and labor costs, ensuring efficient post-extraction processing.
  • Sustainable Practices: By effectively utilizing DOC, you contribute to a more sustainable and resource-conscious operation.

Unlocking the Potential of DOC:

Conditioned DOC boasts a variety of valuable applications, including:

  • High-Quality Animal Feed: A cost-effective and nutritious ingredient for animal feed formulations, utilizing DOC in animal feed promotes resource efficiency.
  • Organic Fertilizer: Rich in nutrients, DOC can be used as a natural and sustainable soil amendment.
  • Biofuel Production: DOC has the potential to be converted into biofuels, promoting a more eco-friendly energy future.

Partner with Pemac for Optimal DOC Utilization

Pemac understands the importance of extracting maximum value from every step of the edible oil production process. Our innovative Meal Conditioning solutions empower you to efficiently transform DOC into a valuable product, contributing to a more profitable and sustainable operation.